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Over the past 30 years, the U.S. Congress and certain liberal presidents have been trying to dumb down the ever shrinking white middle class majority in America. The politicians push their version of politically correct laws to satisfy their version of diversity in our society. We who have evolved through three or four generations have stood around and watched this manipulation of the middle class and working class majority by the fat cats in Congress. We will wake up one day and find our family values and success of previous generations taken away from us.

All we hear in the media from the politicians and pundits is the promotion of programs for the minority populations. There is little mention of the majority white population, which for generations has built America into a giant benefactor that has saved many countries from a despot ruler. We have seen our culture led down the road of "anything goes" by small groups of radicals.

When will somebody from the white middle class step up and confront the power-hungry politicians with the "majority" demands and cease this ongoing erosion of our jobs, schools, morals and way of life?

Philip J. Boudreau