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In my 24 years of teaching, 21 of them as a Buffalo teacher, I have never been so frustrated by the things being said about teachers. When did we become the enemy? The two most important jobs in the world are parenting and teaching. There wouldn't be any doctors, lawyers or CEOs if a teacher hadn't taught them how to read, write and learn.

The Buffalo Board of Education and the control board feel it's all right to violate our contract at their discretion. Why should it be wrong for me to make a decent wage because I'm a public school teacher? I have a family to support just like anyone else.

Next, they want us to change to one insurance carrier. The problem is not that this isn't possible, but once again, it's part of our contract. There has to be some give and take. Give me my steps back, and we can talk.

Finally, they choose to hire a superintendent whose history is to divide and conquer. His policies and philosophies are divisive. The only way we can begin to heal and rebuild is to have a leader who is innovative and knows how to work with his community, not against it.

Anne Blonski

Teacher, International School 45

Grand Island