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8 PM on Channel 4


A Marine in a college ROTC program is murdered, and the NCIS team's initial suspicions about who did it are dashed when that person also turns up dead. As they look for more clues, Abby and McGee (Pauley Perrette, Sean Murray) discover a chain of e-mails referring to something called a "Red Cell," which may point to a game as a possible motive. (TVG) HDTV6065, 17355
8 PM on Channel 23

All of Us

Ruben Studdard ("American Idol") guest stars as a grown-up version of Bobby (Khamani Griffin) in a flash-forward sequence. Dirk (Tony Rock) forecasts big changes when Robert and Tia (Duane Martin, Elise Neal) tie the knot, which leads the couple and Neesee (LisaRaye McCoy) to speculate on just how the marriage will affect everyone's future. James Vincent also stars in the new episode "Baby's Got (Flash) Back." 35688
8 PM on Channel 49

Gilmore Girls

Rory (Alexis Bledel) tells Logan (Matt Czuchry) that casual dating isn't working for her and she'd rather be friends. His surprising response: He wants to get serious, and he wants her to meet his folks. Rory gets another shock from their reaction to her. Sookie (Melissa McCarthy) is on bed rest, so Lorelai (Lauren Graham) asks Luke (Scott Patterson) to fill in at the inn in the new episode "But I'm a Gilmore!" (TVPG) HDTV8936959
8:30 PM on Channel 23


Shelly's (Eve) new guy (guest star Sharif Atkins) persuades her to get tested for HIV before they become intimate. Her friends come along as a show of support. While they wait for their results, they receive advice from a nurse (guest star Golden Brooks) and a counselor at the clinic (guest Marteniz Brown, who is HIV-positive and works as an HIV/AIDS educator) in the new episode "Testing Testing HIV." 47423
9 PM on Channel 23

Veronica Mars

Veronica (Kristen Bell) joins forces with a girl whose boyfriend has threatened to humiliate her on the Internet if she breaks up with him. Together, they hatch a plan to ensure that he'll pay a big price for carrying out his threat. The prospect of a large reward spurs Keith (Enrico Colantoni) to start searching for Duncan (Teddy Dunn) in the new episode "M.A.D." HDTV77317
9:30 PM on Channel 7


Rodney (Rodney Carrington) is looking forward to some quality time with the family when his agent gets him a great gig. The bad news is, it'll mean two months away from Trina (Jennifer Aspen) and the kids. Should he sacrifice short-term pleasure for what could be long-term gain -- both for his budding comedy career and the family finances? Amy Pietz and Nick Searcy also star in the season finale, "Rodney's Big Shot." (TVPG) HDTV19775
10 PM on Channel 4

Judging Amy

Amy and Bruce (Amy Brenneman, Richard T. Jones) clash over her handling of a very young repeat offender -- a 10-year-old boy who committed his first crime at age 7. Bruce thinks she has been too lenient recently and is losing her objectivity. Maxine (Tyne Daly) tries to keep a family of foster children with special needs together when the parents suffer a financial setback in the new episode "Getting Out." (TVPG) HDTV6688
10 PM on AMC

Bleep: Censoring Hollywood?

Those who prefer their movies without profanity, graphic violence, nudity or sex don't have to settle for classics and kid flicks. They can rent cleaned-up versions of current films from companies such as CleanFlicks, or buy filters that work with regular DVDs. This new documentary examines this new technology and its implications for the film industry, including issues of copyright and censorship. 8657171