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8 PM on Channel 2


Poor Joey (Matt LeBlanc). He loves Sarah (Madchen Amick) and is committed to her alone. Then along comes the chance to do a love scene with one of his all-time favorite fantasy women, Carmen Electra (guest starring as herself). It's strictly business, but Joey will have a difficult time romancing Carmen for the cameras without actually enjoying himself. Drea de Matteo also stars in the new episode "Joey and the Temptation." (TV14) HDTV2138
8 PM on Channel 29

The O.C.

Linda Lavin reprises the role of Nana Cohen in the new episode "Return of the Nana." While in Florida visiting her, Seth and Ryan (Adam Brody, Ben McKenzie) meet a woman who gets Seth a gig on a music video channel's spring break special. Recording artist T.I. ("Bring 'Em Out") guest stars and performs. Jamie King and Bret Harrison also guest star. (TVPG) HDTV11935, 73393
8 PM on AMC

Missing in Action

A troubled veteran (Chuck Norris) returns to Vietnam with a congressional team investigating reports that U.S. prisoners of war are still being held there. He learns from a Vietnamese general that there are POWs in the jungle and sets out to rescue them with help from an old Army buddy (M. Emmet Walsh). Unfortunately, his old prison-camp nemesis (Ernie Ortega) is on to his plan. Lenore Kasdorf and James Hong also star in this 1984 adventure. (TVPG) 3883848
8 PM on TCM

The Front

Several real-life blacklist victims, including actor Zero Mostel, play on- and off-camera roles in this 1976 comedy set in the 1950s and starring nebbish extraordinaire Woody Allen. He plays a cashier recruited to put his name on the work of screenwriters whose names are mud, thanks to the anti-Communist hysteria that left real and suspected Reds unable to get work in Hollywood. Michael Murphy, Danny Aiello and Andrea Marcovicci also star. 4721003
8:30 PM on Channel 49

The Ron White Show

Blue Collar Comedy Tour veteran Ron White, known to his fans as "Tater Salad," tickles Sin City's funny bone in this new half-hour special taped at Las Vegas' Stardust Hotel. Along with White's stand-up routine, it includes a guest appearance by talk show host Dr. Phil, cartoon sketches featuring an animated White and his dog, and showgirls -- hey, it's Vegas. (TV14) 6281664
9 PM on Channel 4

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

In the new episode "Committed," Gil and Sara (William Petersen, Jorja Fox) investigate a murder at a state mental hospital. The list of likely suspects is short but includes both patients and staff. Catherine (Marg Helgenberger) leads an investigation into a death where the condition of the body -- not a mark on it -- is as mysterious as its location, which is inside a crop circle. (TV14) HDTV1515, 31799
9 PM on Channel 49

Mobile Home Disaster

Copyright issues probably kept the producers from calling this new special "Extreme Makeover: Mobile Home Edition," but that's what it is. Comic Bill Engvall ("Blue Collar TV") leads a team of renovators in completing a much-needed overhaul of a California family's trailer home. 8983867
10 PM on Channel 2


Longtime fans of the show will remember Red Buttons' guest-star run in the mid-1990s as the husband of a terminally ill woman. He's back, still upset with Dr. Carter (Noah Wyle), whom he blames for her death. Now he needs heart surgery, which Abby (Maura Tierney) fears he won't survive, but she's overruled. Pratt (Mekhi Phifer) has second thoughts about asking out an attractive social worker in the new episode "Ruby Redux." (TV14) HDTV6206, 34886
10 PM on TCM


Clark Kent -- aka the Man of Steel -- uses his superhuman powers to thwart Lex Luthor's (Gene Hackman) nefarious plot to destroy the West Coast in director Richard Donner's deft combination of big-screen comic book and sophisticated romantic comedy. Christopher Reeve's polished work as Superman carries the film, and Margot Kidder co-stars in this 1978 smash, which won a special Oscar for visual effects. 7126409