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Inside the Actors Studio

Not seen on the big screen since 1990's "Stanley & Iris," Jane Fonda has returned to movies as the mother-in-law from hell in "Monster-in-Law," due out next month. In this episode, Fonda, whose autobiography was released in early April, chats with James Lipton about her eventful life, which has included two Oscar wins for her on-screen work and lots of negative press for her stand on the Vietnam War. (TVPG)
8 PM on Channel 17


The new three-part "Deep Jungle" series continues with "Monsters of the Forest," which focuses on an area of rain forest in Peru that is home to a giant Brazil nut tree. Among the fascinating facts it reveals: If not for a certain orchid, whose perfume attracts a certain bee, the Brazil nut industry would collapse. The hour also follows a tarantula expert on his quest for a legendary large spider. (TVPG) 93521
8 PM on Channel 29

American Top 40 Live

Ryan Seacrest, who took over for Casey Kasem as host of the radio fixture "American Top 40," brings the show to television with this new special. It features performances by stars whose songs have made the weekly countdown, including Ryan Cabrera, Gavin DeGraw, Finger Eleven, Maroon 5 and Hoobastank. Other artists, including Avril Lavigne, Ciara, J-Kwon and Black Eyed Peas, talk about what the show has done for their careers. (TVPG) 74647

Submarine: Hidden Hunter

This new special takes a close-up look at the new Virginia Class attack submarine, which brings the U.S. Navy's undersea fighting capabilities to a new level. Designed to meet the challenges of 21st-century warfare, it includes a variety of high-tech enhancements such as improved surveillance and stealth capabilities, as well as the ability to incorporate new weapons technology as it becomes available. (TVG) 918453
9 PM on Channel 7

Desperate Housewives: Sorting Out the Dirty Laundry

New viewers can get caught up on all the story lines while faithful fans gain some new insights into the unsolved mysteries on Wisteria Lane with this new special. More than a clip show, it reviews what's been happening with each of the main characters in the hit prime-time soap and previews the season finale, which promises to answer all the big questions. As in the series, Mary Alice Young (Brenda Strong) narrates from beyond the grave. HDTV35927, 46057
9 PM on HBO


Wolcott (Garret Dillahunt) makes an offer on a claim operated by two brothers. Swearengen (Ian McShane) makes a deal with Miss Isringhausen (Sarah Paulson) and discusses alternatives to annexation with Bullock (Timothy Olyphant). Martha and Ellsworth (Anna Gunn, Jim Beaver) both have proposals for Alma (Molly Parker) in the new episode "Childish Things." (TVMA) HDTV376453
9 PM on TLC

David Blaine's Vertigo

In this test of his concentration and physical endurance, the illusionist stands on a stick. No, really: He balances 100 feet above the pavement, atop a narrow platform, in the middle of Manhattan for 35 hours straight. Why this particular form of torture? Possibly something to do with St. Sebastian. (TVPG) 372163