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You can't expect Rep. Tom Reynolds to criticize House Majority Leader Tom DeLay over ethical lapses -- or over anything else for that matter. A good dog doesn't bite the hand that feeds it.

The News has reported that DeLay pressured Albany lawmakers to give Reynolds a "safe" district in the 2001 reapportionment of congressional districts. Thanks to DeLay's influence, Western New York got one less congressional seat and a grotesquely gerrymandered map with the infamous "earmuff district" and Reynolds got his safe seat.

DeLay told The News he wants Reynolds to "not spend a whole lot of time running for re-election. He's slated for bigger things." I thought there was nothing bigger for a congressman to do than represent his constituents. But judging from the way Reynolds is ducking questions about Social Security and sticking up for DeLay's pet causes on the hill, Reynolds knows who he's really working for in Washington.

Lisa Bolduc

North Tonawanda