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As the former president of the Orchard Park Citizens Group, founded because of the blatant abuse of the public trust by the administration prior to Superintendent Paul Grekalski, I applaud the recent letter expressing outrage at the use of the school charge card (and now cell phone). I unequivocally support the removal of Grekalski, as I did the forced, early retirement of Superintendent Charles Stoddart. Prior to the $90 million school vote under Stoddart, an outraged mother contacted me because her children were being taught to lie as they witnessed staged videos showing crowding that did not exist.

Historically, manipulation by fear through created or exaggerated crises led to the election of board members who trusted the administration and supported their highest priorities "for the children" -- generous raises for employees, an off-the-radar addition of $884,000 to a budget already approved by voters and an unheard of two-year, early retirement commitment. No money was available for our children's classroom roofs, but it was always available for early retirements, raises, distant administration conferences and unnecessary positions.

We need to end the abusive and divisive politicizing of everything in our school community that occurred in the 1980s and 1990s.

Tom Casey

Orchard Park