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Randolph "Bud" Seidenberg Jr., with 16.78 master points, led all players at the American Contract Bridge League Frontier Unit 116 "Late Lunch" Sectional Tournament April 15 to 17 in the Sonoma Grille in Amherst. Christine Urbanek was second with 16.46. The top non-life master was Dian Petrov with 15.77.

Duplicate Scores

Week of April 11 to 17
Unit 116 Tournament Friday Morning -- 31 tables. Open, Strat A: Liliana Jassy and John Thompson, 64.10 percent; B/C: Dian Petrov and Sergei Akachinski, 61.38. 499er, A/B: Henry Chudy Jr. and William Rich, 66.86; C: John Nichter and John Garrity, 52.46.

Unit 116 Tournament Friday Afternoon -- 28 tables. Open, Strat A: John Toy and Alan Greer, 67.86 percent; B: Richard Czarnecki and LaVern Lewis, 56.25; C: Dian Petrov and Sergei Akachinski, 53.27. 499er, A: Roseann and Ray Stoklosa, 58.93; B: Jean Pardee and Alicia Kolipinski, 56.25; C: (tie) Nancy Kessler and Carl Stone, Walt Olszewski and Gene Giorgini, 54.46.

Unit 116 Tournament Saturday Morning -- 33 tables. Open, Strat A: Thomas Donnelly and Alan Greer, 62.04 percent; B: John Ziemer and Harry Cheung, 60.88; C: Eric Phifer and Eric Shreiber, 56.25. 499er, A: Jean Pardee and Alicia Kolipinski, 61.90; B: David Loucks and Madeleine Loucks, 61.31; C: Maggie McNamara and Ruth Wurster, 47.62.

Unit 116 Tournament Saturday Afternoon -- 28 tables. Open, Strat A: Randolph Seidenberg Jr. and Christine Urbanek, 67.10 percent; B: Inge Gallant and Fred Yellen, 57.18; C: Dian Petrov and Sergei Akachinski, 53.27. 499er, A/B: Jeanette and Frank Levin, 64.58; C: Doanne Jackson and Mary Rodgers, 59.58.

Unit 116 Tournament Sunday Swiss Teams -- 29 tables. Bracket A: Christine Urbanek, John Kilmer, Jim Mathis and Randolph Seidenberg Jr., 166 VPs; B: Dian Petrov, Sergei Akachinski, John Thompson and Liliana Jassy, 131; C: Mike Silverman, Jerry Bierman and Nithi and Kevin Sivaneri, 159.

ABA Bridge Club Tuesday -- North-south, Beulah Thomas and Helen Colbert; Jannie Peterson and Garnet Wallace; east-west, Thelma Daughty and Bailey Leftwich; Parmalier Murphy and Doanne Jackson.

Amherst Bridge Club Tuesday afternoon -- North-south, Allen Beroza and John Kirsits, 65.43; Paula Kotowski and Barbara Pieterse, 55.37; Bruce Burr and Joe Day, 50.03; east-west, Curt Hallis and Ruth Hnath, 58.77; Carl Stone and Nancy Kessler, 54.07; Dorothy Medler and Yula Ziv, 50.07.

Amherst Bridge Club Thursday afternoon -- North-south, Isabelle Banas and partner, 67.41; Bob and Judy Padgug, 53.09; Yula Ziv and Alicia Kolipinski, 47.67; east-west, Mike Kisiel and Paul Ganley, 63.44; Rosemary Richert and Ruth Hnath, 49.45; Bob and Ruth Jones, 48.96.

Amherst Bridge Club Thursday evening -- Concurrent. Eric Shreiber and Eric Phifer, 63.67; Dian Petrov and partner, 61.41; Mike Silverman and Jerry Bierman, 54.06.

Amherst Senior Center Monday afternoon -- North-south, Charles Heimerl and Bill Rich, 65; Anna Edwards and Anne Bartels, 63; east-west, Joanne Bartholomew and Mary Jane Nichols, 64; Nancy Hoffman and Eileen Bisantz, 58.

Amherst Senior Center Thursday morning -- North-south, Clint White and Herb Falk, 57; east-west, Louis Merritt and Carol Sagraves, 68.

B&P Duplicate Friday morning (April 8) -- North-south, Patricia and Michael Weber, 169.50; Nancy Acara and Rita McDonald, 142; east-west, Trudy Manahar and Paul Libby, 173; Dona Tepas and Lorna Brewer, 161.50; Helen Sloan and Ruth Jones, 150.50; possible 286.

B&P Duplicate Monday morning -- North-south, Fran Kurtz and Walter Bluestone, 200.50; Bernardine Czarnecki and Ken Meier, 143.50; east-west, Gisela Browne and Barbara Libby, 204; Betty Rubins and Ann Coughlin, 170; Barbara Pieterse and Carlton Stone, 168; possible 312.

B&P Duplicate Wednesday morning -- Howell. Dorothy Boyd and Allen Beroza, 76.50; Aage Pettersen and Vincent Pesce, 71.

Bridge Center of Buffalo Monday morning -- Judy Graf and Alberta Brown, 67; Gerald Fried and Stanley Kozlowski, 59.

Bridge Center of Buffalo Tuesday morning -- North-south, Betty Flood and Elizabeth Murphy, 64; east-west, Eva Posener and Annie Maloney, 57.

Bridge Center of Buffalo Wednesday morning -- North-south, Rhoda Jacobs and Sandy Schiff, 54; Irving Jacobs and Gerald Fried, 53; east-west, Arthur Morth and Joanne Kelley tied with Luke Danielson and Douglas Dean, 58.75.

Bridge Center of Buffalo Wednesday evening -- North-south, Alexander Kowal and Elbert Hargesheimer, 58; Robert Olin and Christy Kellogg, 50; Anne Watkins and Dorothy Brenner, 47; east-west, William Rushmore and Saleh Fetouh, 63; Harry Cheung and Kathy Pollock, 60; John Marvin III and Betty Bronstein, 51.

Bridge Center of Buffalo Thursday evening -- Edith Knaszak and Janice O'Mara, 70; Lorna Brewer and Robert Olin, 44.

Buffalo Whist Monday -- North-south, A/B: Brian Heaphy and Christy Kellogg; C: Michael Kisiel and Beverly Norton; east-west, A/B: Barbara Libby and James Jacobi; C: Dorothy May and Ken Meier.

Clarence Senior Center -- Helen and Bill Westley, 64; Lois Blaisdell and Dusty Tuffillaro, 57.

Delaware Wednesday evening -- North-south, Alicia Kolipinski and Janet Morgan, 104.5; east-west, Adam Dzimian and Mel Ferris, 113; possible 189.

East Aurora Wednesday -- Bob Winkler and Dave Larcom, 53; Glenn and Pat Schmarder, 49; Colleen and Merton Haynes, 46.5; possible 84.

Lockport Duplicate Tuesday evening -- North-south, A: Mike Kisiel and Vince Pesce, 112; B: Dale Schlyer and Beverly Norton, 87.5; C: Irene and Don Seefeldt, 85.5; east-west, A: Peg and Bill Rieker, 118; B: Beverly and Sam Traina, 105.5; C: Bettie Lennon and Mercedes Reinbolt, 72.5.

Town of Tonawanda Senior Center Wednesday -- North-south, Edna and Ron Fill, 57; east-west, Norma Cook and Laverne Jenkins, 59; possible 100.