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This is in response to the recent George Steinbrenner public remarks regarding the Yankees' poor start to this season. These remarks are only the latest to add to my list of why I despise the Yankees. My closest friends who are Yankees fans try to argue that I am only jealous of the Yankees' success, seeing that I am a Tigers fan. However, this is not the case.

As a die-hard Detroit Tigers fan, I hate the New York Yankees. As a die-hard Buffalo Bills fan, I hate the New England Patriots. But there is a big difference between these hatreds. I hate but have the utmost respect for the Pats. I hate and have absolutely no respect for the Yanks.

The difference lies in the level of the playing field. When one looks at the Pats' recent success, there is only one word to describe why they are so successful. That word is "chemistry." The Patriots have won three of the last four Super Bowl titles. They abide by the salary cap just like all other 31 NFL teams. Believe it or not, a team can dominate a sport without spending over $200 million per year in team payroll!

Steinbrenner, being a shrewd business man, obviously wants to have the best team money can buy. But the key factor he is forgetting is that it takes more than a team of All-Stars and excellent coaches to win the World Series. It takes team chemistry, the ability to have one's team work as one when they are on the field together.

Tony Fox