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All My Children: Ethan insisted to Kendall he never lied about loving her, and explained why he did lie about Edmund's murder. Ethan was stunned when the charges against Zach were dropped, while Kendall told Derek about Ethan's lie. Babe saw Adam suffer a minor stroke and, much to Adam's ire, told J.R. about the recent dizzy spell. David convinced Di to pretend to be the presumed dead Dixie and make Tad fall in love with her. J.R. saw Di when she arrived at the Chandler mansion. Coming: Ryan rejects Greenlee.

As the World Turns: Les abducted J.J. and left Carly injured. With Keith, Lily and Jack trying to gain the upper hand, the police arrived and nabbed Les. A recovered Carly sat vigil with Jack at J.J.'s bedside until he awoke from his concussion. Katie saw in the chart that Jennifer is only five weeks pregnant, and accidentally enabled Craig to learn the truth. Craig burst in to stop the wedding when Jennifer and Mike tried to elope in Las Vegas. Will left the window open in Alison's apartment after she left to be with Aaron in Seattle. Coming: A betrayed Craig declares war on Jennifer.

Bold and Beautiful: As Bridget and Nick joyously anticipated their wedding ceremony; a mystery man ripped in half a magazine cover featuring their engagement picture. A burglar attempted to break into Ridge and Brooke's home and fled, eluding capture. Nick convinced Eric of his love for Bridget and Eric agreed to attend the nuptials. Bridget started down the aisle wearing a gown Eric made for her. Coming: The families hope for the best but some remain troubled.

Days of Our Lives: Chelsea's parents were killed when a drunk driver hit their car, but Abby and Chelsea survived. Billie later blamed Hope for hanging up on her and delaying the response time for help to the accident. Ted arrested Mimi for Jan's attempted murder, and she confessed everything to him. As the DiMera castle burned and fell to pieces, Bart helped Victor and Caroline escape. Roman and Jack fled and were reunited with Cassie and Marlena. Coming: Hope's emotional decision lands her in hot water.

General Hospital: After Alan allowed A.J. and Michael to hide in the attic, A.J. revealed to Alan how he hired Faith to kidnap the children and fake Michael's death, enlisting Rachel to help stage his own murder.. Jason secured Skye's help after informing her about A.J.'s actions. Jason and A.J. had a confrontation that ended in tragedy. When Ric demanded the truth from Alexis about dodging therapy, she walked out on him. Elizabeth and Lucky fought their feelings and decided not to live together. Coming: Carly is charged with a heinous crime.

Guiding Light: Gus returned to the Spaulding house to gather evidence and help Harley. When Gus became convinced that Olivia is the murderer, he was kidnapped. Harley's cellmate, Lena, was shown to be under Alan's thumb. Despite their conflicted emotions, Danny and Michelle finalized their divorce. Michelle couldn't wed Tony, however, when she realized she loves Danny, too. Coming: Someone tries to stop Gus from learning the truth.

One Life to Live: As Daniel returned to Llanview, Paul Cramer, who revealed that he had been blackmailing Daniel, haunted him. Daniel later lost his temper on learning of Bo's investigation and walked out on Nora. Natalie stopped herself from confessing her feelings to John on learning he was making a family visit with Evangeline. Jen ended things with a concerned Riley, but Lindsay and R.J. convinced her not to flee. Tess emerged as Jessica looked forward to a future with Antonio. Coming: Nora demands that Daniel level with her . . . or they're through.

Passions: Much to Beth and Mrs. Wallace's amazement, and Sheridan's grief, the DNA test showed that Beth is Marty's mother. Fox returned to Harmony and was stunned to learn that Whitney gave up "his" baby for adoption. Whitney blurted out that the baby isn't his, but backtracked when Fox called her a monster. Pilar, already wondering if Martin will ever be able to forget Katherine, saw them together at the park and warned Katherine to stay out of her marriage. Coming: Pilar considers drastic action to fight Katherine.

Young and Restless: Wanting to hire Victoria as the CEO of Jabot, Jack began to tell Jill she's not the best choice for the job, but Kay walked in and warned Jack that if he fires Jill, she'll fire him. As Kevin left his psychiatrist's office following a session, Terrible Tom watched him from the lobby. J.T. ended a date early, wanting to be with Mac, and was surprised that she had gone to dinner with Kevin. With John still refusing to see Gloria, Michael suggested that his mother start thinking about a divorce settlement. Coming: Dru hopes her fragrance idea will pay off.

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