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< In 1847, they built a road in the Town of Elma connecting Bowen and Girdle roads. A few years later, Alonzo C. Bancroft built a chair factory there, and the road became known, appropriately enough, as Chair Factory Road.

It's not too difficult to picture a buckboard bouncing down the road -- especially after a recent drive on it. Much of the center line has a deep groove running down it, and there are stretches where the potholes come in rapid succession.

"In 40 years, I've never seen Chair Factory so dangerous and in need of repair," wrote one Fix It reader who lives on the road.

The situation has not escaped the attention of Town of Elma Highway Superintendent Wayne Clark, who this week began to do some patch work on the road.

"What people don't understand is you have to let the road dry out first," he said.

Clark said he has filled the worst of the potholes, and has put down a new layer of asphalt on some particularly rough stretches of the road.

Over the long term, Clark said the town is "possibly looking into repaving" Chair Factory Road, which is just under two miles long. He said he expects that project will be discussed at an upcoming meeting with town officials.

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