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Dear Eunice Farmer: I want to make my daughter's wedding gown. She is tall and thin and wants a very simple design.

-- Tricia F.

Dear Tricia: I have selected Vogue 2842, sized 6-22. It has the option of a lace or beaded bodice and sleeves. It also features an optional lace side panel that adds even more elegance. Be sure to make a mock bodice, because this pattern must fit perfectly since it is strapless.

Quilted jacket

Dear Eunice Farmer: I would like to make a quilted jacket with a collar. Most of the patterns for quilted jackets are collarless. Help.

-- Emilia R.
Dear Emilia: Forget trying to find a pattern for a quilted jacket with a collar. The pattern is simply a suggestion; find a pattern you like with a collar and use the quilted fabric for it. If the quilted fabric is very heavy, you might want to choose one size larger -- this is optional.

A becoming pattern

Dear Eunice Farmer: I am very short and slightly overweight. What type of pattern would be the most becoming for me? I love to sew, but have had too many disastrous results.

-- Anne L.
Dear Anne: I will give you a few tips on selecting a pattern. First, always avoid double-breasted jackets or dresses. They add pounds, literally. Second, avoid bias tops and skirts; they pull whenever there is a curve and accentuate the larger part of your body. Third, try to keep a longer look by using one color for the top and skirt. If you choose a contrasting color for either one, it will cut you in two.

Be sure the jacket and skirt are the right length. Forget the drawing on the pattern. Always turn up your skirt or pants on the most flattering part of your body. Then turn up the length of the jacket, try it on, and decide whether to lengthen or shorten the jacket.

Hint of the week

Chris Duda of Arlington Heights, Ill., writes: "When hemming jeans, I take out both the bobbin and top thread and run the hem through the machine as close to the bottom of the hem as possible. The denim will heal from the needle marks, and the bottom will be nice and sharp."

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