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I received a ticket for "parking within 20 feet of a crosswalk" on Bryant Street near Delaware Avenue in Buffalo. I was aware of this law, however, only a few feet from the crosswalk, there were signs -- with arrows posted -- informing me I was allowed to park from that point forward. I took pictures and disputed the ticket. The "judge" told me he would dismiss the ticket this time, but if I continued to park there, I would be ticketed again and would have to pay it.

I offered this analogy: The state speed limit is 55 mph, but I don't expect to get ticketed when I reach the sign that reads, "Begin 65 mph speed limit."

Had I had lost my case, I would have had to pay $45, instead of the original $30 fine. How can this be? Lose the dispute, and the system penalizes you for challenging it. In my opinion, placing signs that mislead people to believe they can park in areas that are within "ticket zones" is blatant entrapment.

Tineke Hall

West Seneca