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Wedding bells ...
Sophia Bush and Clarence's own Chad Michael Murray, co-stars of the TV series "One Tree Hill," are now one, reports

They got married Saturday during a seaside ceremony at the Casa del Mar Hotel in Santa Monica, said Bush's publicist, Sarah Fuller. Bush, 22, and Murray, 23, met in 2003 while filming "One Tree Hill," in which she plays feisty cheerleader Brooke Davis and Murray plays Lucas Scott, a brooding intellectual struggling to find peace.

They got engaged in July. Murray, the Clarence High School graduate who played Lindsay Lohan's love interest in the 2003 remake of "Freaky Friday," said he proposed while they were in Australia, where he was finishing work on the movie "House of Wax." "I had a bunch of roses and I put lights down on a tennis court that spelled something out for her," he said at the time, declining to say what the message said.

She's had enough ...
Reese Witherspoon is the latest celeb who has had it up to here with the stalkerazzi. The "Legally Blonde" star has filed a false-imprisonment complaint with the Los Angeles Police Department after paparazzi surrounded her vehicle outside her gym in Brentwood, blocking her in. She eventually managed to pull away, only to be pursued by at least five shutterbug vehicles "driving aggressively and almost cutting her off at times," an LAPD rep said.

According to E!Online, once she reached her home, she encountered another photog car blocking her front gate. Her security guards chased him away. The cops say they're investigating and haven't filed any charges.

The unnerving incident follows last week's Jennifer Lopez-attack in Beverly Hills, where photogs chased her car and cut her off at a traffic light. Though this did not cause accident or injury, J.Lo correctly pointed out that it could have. The shaken entertainer said of the encounter, "I got goose pimples."

Cell phone rebuttal ...
Oscar-winning actor Denzel Washington, who is playing Brutus in the Broadway revival of "Julius Caesar," has come up with a new defense against pesky ringing cell phones during live performances: iambic pentameter.

Washington told CBS' "60 Minutes Wednesday" that "one of these days I'm going to respond in iambic pentameter: 'Answereth that, my lord. My lord, it is for you."

Bald but beautiful ...
"Beauty Shop" actress Golden Brooks has her own hairdo horror story worthy of inclusion in the recent comedy film.

Brooks says she went into a hair salon with a picture of Janet Jackson and said, "Can anybody make me look like this?"

"It was beautifully auburn for about five seconds, and I walked out of there looking like Grace Jones 'cause my hair fell out," the 34-year-old actress told reporters recently.

High over Manhattan ...
For his next stunt, David Blaine says he'll perform an "easy and fun" high-wire act in Manhattan on Halloween.

"Basically, it's something that's been done in the circuses, based on the old high-wire acts," Blaine, 32, told the Associated Press. "It's like family entertainment, this one."

For his last stunt, in the fall of 2003, Blaine dangled in a plastic cubicle near the River Thames in London for 44 days with only small amounts of water for nourishment.

The New York magician expects this next stunt will be less demanding. "It's my easiest one," he said, adding that the logistics aren't completed. "I want it to be simplistic and reachable for everybody. I was even going to call this one 'Easy and Fun.'"

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