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Starting off as the brainchild of Justin Walker, Tears of Tomorrow is an original local teenage band. Justin is a guitarist, Brian Miller is the lead vocalist, pianist and acoustic guitarist, Terry Herring plays the bass guitar, and Joel Grundy hits the drums. All are either 18 or 19 years old, and are graduates of Lockport High School.

Justin came up with the name even before the band got together. The members came from two separate bands; Brian and Pat had written a song for a talent show, winning them the first prize and "an overwhelming reaction." The style and approach of that song helped set the format for what the band has become. Their song writing is influenced by "everything around us; friends, life, problems, love, and emotions of all kinds. We listen to anything we can get our hands on, from Blink-182 to Bjork and Radiohead," said Justin. Practices usually last up to two hours in Joel's basement.

The band has released two new songs on Purevolume, "To Be Unknown" and "Life as It Should." They also have an older track up named "Last Goodbye." With powerful, guitar-driven chords, and soft piano behind it, nothing sounds out of place. Brian's vocals fit into the songs very fluently; you can tell this band has had a lot of experience and they sound professional. The crowd adores this band, and the band shows their love back to the crowd by talking in between songs. "We basically just try to write good music," said Brian. "We don't actually try to stick to one style, if we hear something that we all like, no matter the style, we will all just go with it." Recently, Tears of Tomorrow finished a self-titled EP. Tears just played a show at the Icon with Cherrybing, Queen City Knights and Clearmotive. They also won a Battle of the Bands for a spot at the Elemeno-P Fest this Friday at the Icon. The show is with My American Heart, Speakerfire, Cute is What We Aim For, By Autumns End, and Fillmore. Tickets are $10 at the door. Tears of Tomorrow also has a show in Limestone Saturday and Fredonia on April 29. Regarding their shows, Terry said "At times it's like you and the music and nobody else."

But it isn't just the shows that are in the future for Tears. "We want to be discovered, to make friends and fans, and to do what we love to do and to just write good, talented music that everyone will enjoy," reveals Pat. Brian adds, "We need all the help we can get. Feeling stranded to just die off is possibly the worst thing possible." They said their fantasy show would be with "The Beatles, Nirvana, and the Smashing Pumpkins" and Brian followed up with "really though, we would play with anyone, anywhere."

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Jessie Lewis is a junior at Williamsville East.