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1. The 2005 Super Bowl football game was the first of the 39 games played that was tied at the end of the third quarter. What was the score then?

2. Who directed the 1935 film classic "The 39 Steps," starring Robert Donat and Madeleine Carroll?

3. What has caused "smog" in Los Angeles?

4. What is meant by the expression "a killing pace"?

5. Who is minority leader of the U.S. House of Representatives?

6. Is the population of Brazil fifth-, 10th- or 15th-largest among the world's nations?

7. A famous poem begins, "Helen, thy beauty is to me . . ." Who wrote the poem and what is its title?

8. What kind of television show was "Banacek"?

9. Who founded the Islam religion?

10. A transfer of property by deed or writing is a g____. Fill in the blank.

1. The third-quarter score was 14 to 14.

2. Alfred Hitchcock.

3. Automobile emissions trapped by hills around the city.

4. A pace that is exhausting or too strong to continue.

5. Nancy Pelosi of California.

6. Fifth-largest, with a population in 2004 of 184 million. Countries with larger populations, in order, are China, India, United States and Indonesia.

7. The author is Edgar Allan Poe and the title is "To Helen.'

8. A detective drama. George Peppard portrayed detective Thomas Banacek.

9. Mohammed.

10. "Grant."