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People who won't forgive Jane Fonda for her foolish behavior that day in Vietnam -- cheerfully sitting on the enemy anti-aircraft gun -- will never forgive her. Perhaps only Republicans can be forgiven youthful idiocy. But Fonda's interviews to promote her new memoir and her coming "Monster-in-Law" movie have been fascinating.

Here she is, 67 years old and finally alone. No longer trying to remake herself for the man in her life -- an insecurity that began with dad Henry Fonda. No issues with the beautiful body she tormented with starvation, bulimia and obsessive exercise. No fiddling with the truth of her parenting skills -- not so hot, she says. She does not seem serene, but she's edging toward that state, her emotions close to the surface. She says now is the happiest time of her life, but one senses she wants more. Perhaps more will come in the form of a man who will give and not take, a man who will remake himself for her.

On TV with Paula Zahn the other night, Fonda spoke of her marriage to Roger Vadim, and the threesomes he occasionally wanted. "How did you feel about that?" asked Zahn, as if Jane had admitted to murder. "I'm an actress, you know," replied Fonda, and then added, "And I drank. I drank to numb myself."

This third act of the saga of Jane Fonda might well be the most fulfilling for her.

If "Monster-In-Law" doesn't live up to expectations, it won't be because the public "can't forgive" her long-ago war stance. Jane returned from Vietnam and took up her career. Many successful movies followed and another best actress Oscar for "Coming Home." (Her first was for "Klute.") And then she retired by choice to become Mrs. Ted Turner.

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