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So, let's see. There have been 39 calls to sex chat lines and escort services on the cell phone issued to Superintendent Paul Grekalski by the Orchard Park School District. He blames his 25-year-old son, who then blames a friend who allegedly used it. Truth be told, the phone was in Grekalski's name, therefore he is responsible for any calls made. If another person was using the phone without his knowledge, then he is irresponsible.

Then there is the district credit card, which Grekalski obtained without the School Board's knowledge. The school district is paying for Grekalski's apartment (with taxpayers' money), yet he hasn't paid the taxes on a house that he owns, despite earning $140,000 year as superintendent. He takes, on average, one day off each week, then comes in at 10 a.m. when he chooses to work. Certainly he should be suspended, but without pay.

If I were tarnished by any such impropriety, I would be suspended without pay. In addition, if I averaged one day per week off, without a medical excuse, I would be given a hearing, then possibly terminated. Why should Grekalski be given a "paid leave"? Certainly the School Board has good cause to give him a permanent unpaid leave.

Jan Bernas