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We're all familiar with people wearing styles that made their debut decades ago; some even choose to wear them on a regular basis.

Who doesn't own some well-worn relic from the '70s?

Along with New Age stores and vintage shops, the reappearance of old trends and styles is nothing new.

When designers have trouble coming up with something new and original, it seems as if the plan is to fall back on something that is a tried and proven success. However, some of the stuff that's up for grabs this year may take you by surprise.

In fashion, you've been seeing things like ponchos and flat heeled shoes show up in many colors, patterns and styles, along with things like prairie skirts, charm bracelets, leg warmers, oversize purses, peasant dresses, croqueted and knitted clothes, the classic three-stripe adidas, and "chuck" converse shoes. "My favorite returning trends are fishnets, long black coats and elegant necklaces," says Lori Silverstein, a junior at Williamsville North.

Certain by-gone cartoons are also finding their way onto teenage fashion, such as Tom and Jerry, Betty Boop, Space Ghost, Sonic the Hedgehog and Ninja Turtles. Fashion isn't the only industry reinventing; many toys are making a big comeback. Trolls, the funny-haired toys by Hasbro, are going to be reintroduced, along with a newer version for younger girls called "Trollz." Also, slinkies and lava lamps have been coming back big.

It's also a well-known fact that artists whose initial fame was years ago, such as Metallica, the Beatles, Alice in Chains, the Rolling Stones, the Smashing Pumpkins, Pink Floyd, the Who, Nirvana, the Doors, and Led Zepplin have a large fan base among teens, who claim that it doesn't matter what time period the music is from, so long as it's good.

When asked what trends they would like to see re-appear, some teens had surprisingly similar answers. "I think that the clothes of the '20s were really cool for girls....those would be neat if they came back in some way," said Dave Klein, a junior at Williamsville North. "I'd like things from the twenties and thirties to come back, things were really elegant back then," says Lori. Perhaps fashion designers should take notice?

However, some of the old trends gone new right now are less popular with some anyway. "I don't like ponchos," says Lori. "Camouflage pants," says Dave. "As a fashion forecaster, we are tired of it. It's time for a change. We've raided every thrift store we can," Michael Fink, senior fashion director at Saks Fifth Avenue, told the Associated Press.

Well, one thing remains certain, in any case; save all your out-of-style clothes of today, because they might just become the fashion of tomorrow.

Mari Rogers is a sophomore at Williamsville North.

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