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Now that news has broken that all Lackawanna citizens have been waiting decades for -- that the waterfront is finally going to be cleaned up -- we need to plan carefully for the future of our city. With the lousy, long winters that we have, I think a smart move would be to put in an indoor water park, like Splash Lagoon in Erie, Pa. Add a cleaned-up beach in the summer, a golf course and a few stores and restaurants and we will have a tourist attraction. Lake Erie's shores need that more than another industrial park.

Jobs can be created either way, and our local hotels would see an increase in business as well. Our city already has an industrial park with an entrance on Ridge Road. Let's fill that park up with the industry. With the possibility that Father Baker will become a saint, let's prepare the city in more positive ways to attract people. Let's get more creative with Lake Erie's shoreline. I hope that our city leaders will think carefully.

Mary Beth Barlett