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Angola Mayor Howard "Hub" Frawley found himself at odds with the Village Board on a couple of fronts Monday night.

The mayor, in just his second meeting since ousting incumbent James Carlson in the March elections, wanted to delay passing the village's 2005-2006 budget until closer to the April 30 deadline.

He lost. The three members of the board present all voted to pass the $1.3 million budget.

"There are only so many things you can cut to nothing," said Trustee Michael Stockman.

Trustee William Houston said, "We've been working on this budget since January. . . . We're not going to be able to change it to the advantage of anyone."

Frawley said he wanted to explore if money could be saved on police services by employing seasonal part-time officers who could work more than the 19 1/2 hours a week permanent part-timers are allowed to work.

"I realize you guys have worked long, hard on this budget," Frawley said, "and everybody on this board wants to get this thing over with and move on. We have a lot of things we've elected to do. But taxes are important to everyone, and I'd like to ask the board if they'd consider tabling this for one more workshop meeting."

His proposal to start looking into a village administrator form of government was received equally cooly.

Trustees Houston, Stockman and John Wilson defended the current office staff and said they didn't see the need for an administrator. The fourth trustee, Jonica DiMartino, missed the meeting after giving birth to a daughter a week ago.

Frawley said that eight of the 16 villages in Erie County have administrators running their affairs and that he wants to determine whether it would save money.

He extended the current office staff's employment during the organizational meeting for 2005-2006 but did not appoint them for the year.

"Does it save money or doesn't it save money?" Frawley said. "If it doesn't save money, we're not going to change what we've got right now. In the meantime, I'm not doing anything to these girls here; they're staying right where they are."

Frawley said he would investigate -- despite the lack of board support -- whether an administrator would save the village money by combining tasks such as grant writing, contract negotiating, budget support and other administrative tasks in one job.

Stockman said he didn't see the need for it, particularly in regard to putting the budget together.