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What April showers?

Sunday marked the 10th straight day without rain in the Buffalo area.

Despite the adage, dry stretches in the spring aren't all that rare, said Mike Pukajlo, a forecaster for the National Weather Service. "It's unusual, but not that uncommon," he said.

Our dry spell doesn't come close to the record 30 days chalked up in the 1920s, and Pukajlo said that there have been numerous stretches since then when it hasn't rained for two to three weeks at a time.

"A lot of the dry stretches we've had have been in the spring or fall," he said.

Despite the dry spell, precipitation for the year to date is just one-tenth of an inch below normal, and it was just two weeks ago that the area suffered through that awful stretch of wet snow.

Sunday's high of 66 degrees was well above the average of 54 for the date.

Temperatures this month have been running about 3 degrees warmer than average, Pukajlo said. The average between the high and low start at about 40 degrees early in the month and warm up to 51 degrees by the time May rolls around.

"April is a transitional month. You can have really bad weather or, like we've had lately, good weather," he said.

The good weather is going to hold for at least the early part of the week. The Weather Service is forecasting dry weather and temperatures approaching 70 degrees through the middle of the week.

There's a 40 percent chance of rain Wednesday. After that, temperatures are expected to drop to seasonal norms, with highs in the 50s. But aside from Wednesday's possible rain, it otherwise is expected to stay dry through the weekend.


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