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A recent News editorial said that judges should not be penalized when they make rulings some may not like. I respond that it's not a matter of rulings we don't like, but rather of rulings that defy common sense.

The judges were aware that Michael Schiavo "forgot" for a long time Terri's true desires, that he had since taken up with another woman and that Terri's parents were willing to care for her. Why couldn't the judges have let common sense win and let her parents have her? The judges were horrible in the Schiavo case.

The Ninth Circuit also just overturned a murder conviction after it was discovered that the family and friends of the victim wore pins bearing the victim's face. And The News says judges should not be accountable to the people?

We hold politicians responsible when they do things that jeopardize the public trust. We hold manufacturers responsible when they make defective products that harm others. Therefore, judges who make rulings that harm people or the public trust should be held liable as well. Judges are American citizens, just like us, and thus should be called to account when they make erroneous and defective rulings.

Lloyd A. Marshall Jr.


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