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Name: Francis Arinze

Age: 72

Cardinale since: 1985

Nationality: Nigerian

Background: As Prefect of Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments, the Vatican's No. 4 position, had custody of the church's style of worship, sacraments and liturgy. Has remained a strong voice of the establishment.

Drawbacks: Uncompromising stand on doctrinal matters could make reaching out to other religions more difficult.

Name: Jorge Bergoglio

Age: 68

Cardinale since: 2001

Nationality: Argentinian

Background: A Jesuit and archbishop of Buenos Aires. Champion of social programs for the poor but is considered conservative on doctrinal issues. Has called for tightening the Church's hierarchical structure to ease internal dissent.

Drawbacks: Some health concerns -- he had a lung removed as a teenager. Did not take a strong stance against Argentina's dictatorship during the so-called "Dirty War."

Name: Dario Castrillon

Age: 75

Cardinale since: 1998

Nationality: Colombian

Background: Heads the Congregation for the Clergy, the Vatican's office for priests. Fearlessly confronted drug traffickers in his homeland. Follows the orthodox line of the church on moral issues such as abortion and euthanasia.

Drawbacks: Said punishment for sexabusing priests must not conflict with "fundamental principles of the church," leading critics to wonder if he was taking the matter seriously enough.

Name: Godfried Danneels

Age: 71

Cardinale since: 1983

Nationality: Belgian

Background: Archbishop of Mechelen- Brussels. A leading church diplomat seen as having a deft touch useful for interfaith talks. Led a sensitive mission to China, which severed ties with the Vatican in 1951, earlier this month.

Drawbacks: May be too progressive. Has long spoken forcefully about the need for greater "collegiality" -- code for more democracy in John Paul's centralized church. Has said it is acceptable for an HIV-positive person to use a condom.

Name: Ivan Dias

Age: 68

Cardinale since: 2001

Nationality: Indian

Background: Now archbishop of Bombay, much of his career has been spent as a Vatican diplomat, serving in Africa, South Korea and Albania. Fluent in 17 languages and a frequent speaker at Vatican- sponsored events.

Drawbacks: Although the Vatican is trying to broaden its dialogue with other religions, he comes from a populous country with relatively few Catholics.

Name: Claudio Hummes

Age: 70

Cardinale since: 2001

Nationality: Brazilian

Background: Archbishop of Sao Paulo in the world's most populous Catholic country. Progressive on social issues. Has worked to improve relations among Brazil's Christians, Jews and Muslims but takes a strict line on doctrinal issues.

Drawbacks: Outspoken stands for workers and against the globalized market economy that made him a star of the church's progressive wing could cost him support among conservative voters.

Name: Jaime Ortega

Age: 68

Cardinale since: 1994

Nationality: Cuban

Background: Archbishop of Havana has long been outspoken about human rights abuses in communist Cuba. Helped organize the first papal visit to Cuba in 1998 and negotiated modest openings with a government that was once officially atheist.

Drawbacks: Quiet opposition to the Cuban regime has not given him a high international profile.

Name: Joseph Ratzinger

Age: 78

Cardinale since: 1977

Nationality: German

Background: Dean of the College of Cardinals; as Prefect of the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith, silenced dissident theologians and reiterated church teaching. As John Paul's health failed, Ratzinger often was tapped to lead ceremonies in his place.

Drawbacks: Candidacy could be opposed by reform-minded cardinals. Also, German media have suggested that because of Germany's Nazi past, a German cannot be elected pope.

Name: Giovanni Battista Re

Age: 71

Cardinale since: 2001

Nationality: Italian

Background: As head of the Vatican's powerful Congregation for Bishops, advised John Paul about selections to head dioceses worldwide. As undersecretary of state, helped set up the pope's historic 1999 pilgrimage to Romania, an Orthodox nation.

Drawbacks: A longtime bureaucrat lacking pastoral experience. Also inherited some of the fallout over the Church's failure to move swiftly against bishops accused of protecting priests accused of sexual abuse.

Name: Norberto Rivera

Age: 62

Cardinale since: 1998

Nationality: Mexican

Background: Archbishop of Mexico has been described as a workaholic and maintains a high profile in the media. An extremely traditionalist church leader who is a defender of human rights but sides with Rome on most controversial political and theological questions.

Drawbacks: May not have enough of the natural charisma his colleagues may looking for to succeed the dynamic John Paul.

Name: Oscar Rodriguez

Age: 62

Cardinale since: 2001

Nationality: Honduran

Background: The Archbishop of Honduras is a linguist, scientist and saxophone player -- and a widely respected moderate cardinal in a region known for producing radical priests. Although less rigidly conservative than some, has repeatedly spoken out against abortion and gay marriage.

Drawbacks: Once suggested it would be praiseworthy to manipulate the genetic code "to alleviate illnesses." Possibly too young and from too small a country.

Name: Angelo Scola

Age: 63

Cardinale since: 2003

Nationality: Italian

Background: Archbishop of Venice. Staunchly conservative views on morality led to his appointment as an adviser to the Pontifical Council for the Family. Has written extensively on Satanism, a hot topic as the Vatican worries about the devil's lure, particularly with young people.

Drawbacks: Young and short on pastoral work with rank-andfile faithful. Although a prolific writer, his essays and articles make for rather dense reading.

Name: Christoph Schoenborn

Age: 60

Cardinale since: 1998

Nationality: Austrian

Background: As Archbishop of Vienna, turned the church away from the path of reform, disappointing Catholics looking for more rights for women or compromise on priesthood and marriage. Has focused on respect for Catholic dogma -- while understanding those who fall by the wayside.

Drawbacks: At 60 he is the youngest of the major contenders. Quiet management style has focused on steering the Austrian church around controversy.

Name: Dionigi Tettamanzi

Age: 71

Cardinale since: 1998

Nationality: Italian

Background: Archbishop of Milan. Moderate on social justice issues but an unwavering defender of the Vatican's traditional teaching on moral issues such as abortion and euthanasia. Has aligned himself with the powerful Opus Dei organization.

Drawbacks: Not recognized as a memorable speaker; world travels are less extensive than some candidates and he is not well-known globally.

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