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On April 10, The News and the Buffalo and Erie County Historical Society offered the public the opportunity to participate in a discussion of Buffalo's waterfront project. All the panelists offered their unique insight and expertise into the outer-waterfront project and suggested what they felt needed to be done to get the project started and be successful.

There were many references to what needed to be done first, second, third, etc. Had I chosen to rank the requirements for success, I would say we have to stop pointing fingers of blame and dwelling on past failures, and make our first priority a united effort to begin talking about what we do have. Buffalo's a great place to live and can be even greater if all of us refuse to promote the negative and disparaging attitude that has captured our community. Buffalo will only be as good or as bad as we let it be.

I for one have dug out and polished up a little pin that's been buried in my jewelry box for too long. I will be wearing it and "Talking Proud" about anything and everything I can portray as positive about this city and encourage others to do the same. That's where we should begin.

Rose Marie Hall