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All My Children: Ryan realized that Jonathan, not Braden, was responsible for shooting him and drugging Greenlee. As Jonathan admitted to Ryan that he killed Edmund, Tad and Aidan viewed a surveillance disc Zach gave them and saw Jonathan on the night Ryan was shot. Following an explosion, rescuers headed to the collapsed cave entrance. David enabled Erica to stage a break-in at the cabin to obtain Liza's address, which she gave to Adam. Di told David that her powerful ex-boyfriend wants her dead because of what she knows about his finances. A torn Kendall reached a decision about Ethan. Coming: Maria makes an admission to Zach.

As the World Turns: Jennifer was taken aback when Mike offered her comfort after she was told the baby is Craig's. Barbara put the idea in Mike's head that he could claim Jennifer's baby as his and keep Craig in the dark, which is exactly what Mike and Jen decided to do. Acting on Carly's suspicions about Les, Lily and Keith found evidence that challenged Les' claim of being locked up at the halfway house on the night Julia was killed. Coming: Jennifer must explain her actions to Mike.

Bold and the Beautiful: Thrilled when Bridget accepted his proposal, Nick believed that her family will not approve of their plans. Nick's concerns were justified when, after a loving homecoming with Brooke, Ridge lashed out at Nick for all the pain he's recently gone through. Ridge confronted Nick about his behavior and vowed to prevent the marriage. Later, Bridget eavesdropped as Nick confessed things to Brooke that he's kept bottled up. Stephanie persuaded a cash-strapped Gabriela to accept a personal assistant job at Forrester. Coming: Gabriela's presence may become an issue.

Days of Our Lives: Shock triggered Shawn's memory, and he recalled everything about his horrible summer trapped in the cage. Tek questioned Mimi, having obtained a piece of evidence that may convict her of the attack on Jan. Mimi, fearing arrest, packed and prepared to leave town. Jack found Roman and Marlena. Shawn and Rex realized that John might have the plan they need to rescue Philip and hacked into John's ISA files. Even as Chloe insisted on going ahead with her surgery, Brady first made an eternal pact with the "deceased" Chloe and then told Nicole he's ready to move on with her. Coming: Shawn insists on risking himself for Philip.

General Hospital: Reese almost died when her car exploded. When she finally came to, Reese shared her suspicions about Durant with Sonny. Later, Carly saw Sonny and Reese in a compromising position. Having been convinced by A.J. that Sonny and Carly don't want him, Michael began to see A.J. as a parental figure. Meanwhile, Sam gave Carly proof that Michael is alive, as she and Jason got a little closer to finding him. Jax and Courtney set a wedding date. Coming: Will it be too late when Michael's family reaches him?

Guiding Light: Someone looked on from a distance as Alan and Gus stood at Phillip's grave. Harley began serving her prison term and discovered that the warden is A.C. Mallet, her ex-husband. Mallet offered Harley comfort when she became overwhelmed by what she'd lost. Cassie agreed to live in the farmhouse but, surprisingly, only with Dinah, not Edmund. However, Dinah was waiting in Edmund's bed when he thought he was meeting Cassie. Coming: Jeffrey is concerned about a vulnerable Cassie.

One Life to Live: Todd had to show Blair the postcard Margaret sent after she overheard him on the phone attempting to locate Margaret in Mexico. John saw a kiss between Natalie and Ron and admitted to Michael that he doesn't like seeing her with another man. Outside a roadside bar, Tess helped a girl named Ginger fight off a thug and then gave her a ride back to Llanview. David moved out after he and Dorian had a huge fight, but their split pained them both. Coming: Natalie gears up to tell all to John.

Passions: Ethan and Fox battled the armed guards at the compound, while Gwen, unable to control her urges, lunged at Theresa with scissors. Theresa managed to knock Gwen unconscious. Ethan finally made his choice, but ordered Theresa and Gwen to call a truce. Each unaware of the other couple's plan, Julian and Eve, and T.C. and Liz, intended to adopt Whitney's baby. Aware of Sam's hatred of Spike, Jessica agreed to go back to the club. Coming: Fox returns to shocking news.

Young and Restless: Kevin's heroic actions after finding a bleeding John saved Abbott's life. John required hip replacement surgery and learned afterward of Kevin's role in his rescue. Victor offered Victoria her old division head job back. Nick was surprised to see Victoria back in town but warned that if she tries to fight his decisions as CEO of Newman she'll break up the family again. Victoria then asked Jack if the CEO position at Jabot is still available. Chris threatened to dissolve her partnership with Michael, prompting him and Paul to agree to work things out between them. Coming: Kevin's worst nightmare is closer than he knows.

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