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As a state administrator who manages a yearly budget, I believe the manner in which President Bush manages his budget is fiscally irresponsible. He funds pet projects like the Iraq war and at the same time cuts billions of dollars from the very programs that help the poor and elderly.

He supports private Social Security accounts that will add trillions of debt to a cash-strapped budget. He could fix Social Security like presidents have done in the past, but says we cannot raise taxes. Even a 1 percent increase would fix Social Security and bring us into the next century.

As if all of this is not bad enough, Medicare will be in trouble in less than 10 years. Why? Because there is a law that prevents the government from bargaining with drug companies to reduce the cost of drugs. As the largest purchaser of drugs in the world, we could easily bargain with drug companies to get lower cost. Why would we have such a law? Because drug companies are among the president's biggest supporters.

Can we afford four more years of fiscal irresponsibility?

Dan Moreton