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A predawn armed robbery at the corporate offices of the Fisher-Price toy company is a mystery for more reasons than one.

East Aurora police and company officials are trying to find out who pulled a gun on two security guards, tied them up and then ransacked offices at the company's Girard Avenue complex early Saturday.

They're also trying to determine why.

"At this point, we don't know what the motive was, other than the possibility that he thought there might be valuables there," said Laurie Oravec, spokeswoman for the internationally known toymaker. "We're hoping the police can find out why."

Police were saying little about the case Saturday night, except to confirm that there was an armed robbery at the offices, and that a detective is trying to track down leads.

According to Oravec, a man walked into a security shed at the complex about 4:15 a.m., pulled a gun on two security guards, tied them up, and took pass cards that are used to enter Fisher-Price buildings.

"He went into two of the four buildings in our campus, and ransacked some of the offices in those buildings," Oravec said. "We don't know what was stolen or what he was looking for. . . . No cash or valuables are kept there."

The two guards were unhurt. One of the guards was able to untie himself and contact police after the bandit left. A toy store operated on the property was not entered, Oravec said.

Police had not released any description of the suspect.

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