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The Bridge Center of Buffalo will host a Wine and Cheese party April 30 along with a club championship pairs game at 7 p.m. For partners, contact Joanne Kelley at 679-4605 or e-mail at or Kathy Pollock at 834-2855 or e-mail at

Duplicate Scores

Week of April 4 to 10

Amherst Bridge Club Tuesday afternoon -- North-south, Nancy Kessler and Carl Stone, 66.67; Mike Silverman and Jerry Bierman, 62.27; east-west, Rosemary Richert and Shirley Cassety, 66.15; Chester Fell and Jo Giordano, 52.61; Joe Day and Ross Markello, 50.26.

Amherst Bridge Club Tuesday Club Series -- John Kirsits, 12; Allen Beroza, 11; Mike Silverman tied with Jerry Bierman, 9.5.

Amherst Bridge Club Thursday afternoon -- Strat A: Allen Beroza and Mike Silverman, 61.37; Rita Sierocinski and Dorothy Brenner, 58.18. Strat B: Fenton Harrison and Marie Zayan, 55; Alicia Kolipinski and Chet Fell, 54.09. Strat C: Ed Drozen and Jack Miller, 53.18.

Amherst Bridge Club Thursday morning Club Series -- Betty Dorio, 11.5; Janet Frisch, 9.5; Alicia Kolipinski, 9.

Amherst Bridge Club Thursday evening -- Gary Schmitt and John Lyth, 64; Jacqueline Solomon and Keith Herms, 55.

Amherst Bridge Club Thursday evening Club Series -- Joe Peters, 14.5; Cleveland Fleming, 7.5; Jacqueline Solomon tied with Keith Herms, 7.

Amherst Bridge Club Saturday afternoon -- Individual strat A: Cleveland Fleming, 69.38. Strat B: Martin Pieterse, 68.65; Alicia Kolipinski, 64.88. Strat C: J. Bailey Leftwich, 58.67; Nancy Hoffman, 58.13; Marietta Kalman, 52.06; Jim Brown, 49.87.

Amherst Bridge Club Saturday morning Club Series -- Barbara Pieterse, 8; Dale Anderson tied with Paula Kotowski, Don Grant and John Lyth, 5.5.

Amherst Senior Center Monday afternoon (April 11) -- North-south, Joe and Bobbie Huber, 61; Bruce Burr and Ross Markello, 56; east-west, Peg Gorham and Shirley Cassety, 63; Martin Schaus and Angie Stange, 58.

Amherst Senior Center Thursday morning -- Howell. Joe Day and Ross Markello, 63; Marie Wagner and Angie Stange, 62.

B&P Duplicate Monday morning -- North-south, Eleanor Whelan and Nan Denn, 183.5; Richard Czarnecki and LaVern Lewis, 175; east-west, John Valentine and John Lewis, 199.5; Ken Morseon and Joe Peters, 187.5; Nancy Kessler and Carlton Stone, 182; possible 312.

B&P Duplicate Wednesday morning -- Howell. Marianne Rindfleisch and Charles Schorr, 62; Dorothy May and Ken Meier, 57.5; possible 108.

B&P Duplicate Friday morning -- North-south, Pol Akman and Luke Danielson, 204.5; Jean Sullivan and Betty Rubins, 171; east-west, Gisela Browne and Harry Cheung, 213; John Nichter and John Garrity, 173; possible 312.

Bridge Center of Buffalo Monday morning -- Dolores Warmuz and Lorna Brewer, 60; Bernice Baker and Jill Wooldridge, 55.

Bridge Center of Buffalo Tuesday morning -- North-south, Rita Gates and Patricia Lakeman, 63; Carol Bedell and Diane Lyons, 53; east-west, Ellie Machado and Ann Lee, 52.7; Annie Maloney and Eva Posener, 52.1.

Bridge Center of Buffalo Wednesday morning -- North-south, Irving Jacobs and Stanley Kozlowski, 70; Anne Watkins and Alberta Brown, 52; east-west, Janet Frisch and Trudy Manaher, 56; Jay Costello and Donna Steffan, 53.

Bridge Center of Buffalo Wednesday evening -- Elbert Hargesheimer and Christy Kellogg, 67; Inge Gallant and Fred Yellen, 58; Harry Cheung and Susan Bergman tied with Jill Wooldridge and Jay Costello, 57.

Bridge Center of Buffalo Thursday evening -- Lois Tippett and Martha Quinn, 55; Parimal Pal and Rajat Basu tied with Mary Terrana and Patricia Lakeman, 52.

Bridge Center of Buffalo Friday morning -- Alberta Brown and Stanley Kozlowski tied with Lance Pollock and William Rich, 55; Rita Sierocinski and Fran Kurtz, 53. Judy Graf and Michael Ryan, 64; Robert Olin and Carolyn Siracuse, 54.

Bridge Center of Buffalo Saturday morning -- Powhatan Wooldridge and Dolores Warmuz, 59; Susan Bergman and Rhoda Jacobs, 57.

Bridge Center of Buffalo Sunday -- Pro-Am North-south, Charles Heimerl and Eric Phifer, 63; Patricia Lakeman and Alice Lind, 60; Jean Pardee and Betty Bronstein, 59; Guy Puccio and Joanne Kelley, 58; east-west, Dian Petrov and Dan Gerstman, 60.7; Thelma Daughtry and Eric Shreiber, 60; Robert Padgug and Louise Mink, 58.

Canterbury Woods Duplicate Wednesday -- North-south, Lee Coe and Fritzi Schmidt, 56; Dottie Ingalls and Helen Yasgur, 49; east-west, Miriam Davidson and Marjorie Buyers, 55; Dot Sanders and Ruth Williams, 49; possible 90.

Delaware Wednesday evening -- North-south, Joyce Kindt and Tom Gibbons, 124; east-west, Bruce Shaffer and John Garrity, 108; possible 189.

East Aurora Wednesday -- Enid Sweet and Ann Battaglia, 30; Joe Benenati and Darrell Frank, 28; possible 50.

Lockport Duplicate Tuesday evening -- North-south, A: Beverly Norton and Connie Swick, 95.5; B: John Meindl and Ken McNitt, 72.5; east-west, A: Elve and Dan Johnston, 94; B: Mercedes Reinbolt and Frank Belz, 80.

Lockport Duplicate Saturday afternoon -- A: (tie) Mike Kisiel and Beverly Norton, 69; Peg and Bill Rieker, 69; B: Walter Oleszewski and Mahendra Rana, 63.5; Bettie Lennon and Mercedes Reinbolt, 53.

Orchard Park Tuesday evening -- North-south, Linda and Paul Zittel, 74; Darrell Frank and Andy Karjel, 71.5; possible 140; east-west, Eleanor Hoffman and Dominic Sacca, 79.5; Carol and Joe Benenati, 62.5; possible 120.

Town of Tonawanda Senior Center Wednesday -- Will Sanscrainte and Lee Gordon, 64, possible 168.