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Last July, we wrote about Dr. Joy Memorial Park in the village of North Collins, a picture-pretty resting place on Route 62 with a gazebo, a stone memorial to veterans, five aluminum benches and a water fountain.

But if you were thirsty after a walk around the village, and stopped at the park for a drink, you would go away unsatisfied because the water fountain didn't work.

Fix It contacted then-Mayor Mark Rivers, who said the problem was that all the pipes leading to the fountain were rotten.

He also said that since no one had complained about it -- until then -- and while there were no plans to fix it, he would look into it.

A reader wrote recently with this update: "They fixed it all right. The village removed the entire concrete fountain at the park!"

Sure enough, a brick walkway off the park's main trail leads to a bare patch of earth where the fountain once stood.

New Mayor Dolores Rinaldi explained that the Village Board did have the fountain repaired after the Fix It item appeared. But as has been the case many times before, vandals broke it.

That prompted the board to vote to take the fountain out, a decision with which she said she agreed.

"It doesn't make any sense to keep putting money into something that keeps getting destroyed and made unsafe for drinking," Rinaldi said. "If they are messing with the physical structure, you don't know what they're possibly going to do with the water."

Instead, the village will install a stone monument where the fountain was. It will honor the late Dr. Russell Joy, who donated the land for the park.

If the monument is completed on time, the village hopes to dedicate it on Memorial Day.

Last week, Fix It wrote about the need for a left-turn arrow for westbound Main Street traffic trying to turn south onto Bailey Avenue at the Amherst-Buffalo line.

The state Department of Transportation said at the time that people who felt there was a need for an arrow should write the department.

Upon further review, DOT spokeswoman Susan Surdej said a left-turn arrow will be installed as part of the current construction project on Main Street.

"This work will be completed in the next three months, pending the resolution of the current operating engineer strike," she wrote.

Last summer, we wrote about a plan to repave and add wide shoulders to a section of East-West River Road on Grand Island, near Buckhorn Island State Park.

Another Fix It reader wrote asking about problems with the road, so we called town Supervisor Peter McMahon for an update.

"The design work is done," he said of the $750,000 project. "We're hoping to get it done by the end of this construction season."

Fix It calls attention to smaller public problems that often seem to slip through the cracks. Readers can make submissions by mail at Fix It, c/o The Buffalo News, One News Plaza, Buffalo, NY, 14203; by email at, or by calling the Fix It line at 849-6026.