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One of the most tired criticisms of animal rights advocates is the claim that advocates care more about animals than people. Recently a pro-hunting writer made that criticism while at the same time claiming that compensatory rebound is a theory, not a scientific fact.

Since she doesn't believe animal advocates, I offer her information from a National Zoo Web site. Biologist William McShea was quoted in an article as saying: "Deer populations rebound very quickly. A doe that usually has a single fawn each year can have three the year after a herd has been thinned." He added: "Thinning them out in one area creates a vacuum into which deer from neighboring areas swiftly move."

Cheektowaga residents who are against killing park animals aren't choosing animals over humans. They prefer nonlethal methods that will result in long-term solutions instead of years of slaughter in their park.

Frances R. Fazzino