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Hang ups

Among the handy decorating tips in the Spring 2005 edition of In Style Home magazine is one regarding hanging artwork:

If you have several small pieces of art and want to make a bolder statement than can be achieved by hanging them separately, group them together.

"Their size doesn't necessarily matter as long as they have something in common -- perhaps they contain a repeated element or motif, are all by the same artist, or are simply all family photographs," explains designer Greg Jordan.

Choose frames of similar proportion -- you can vary the style and color -- then place in grids, columns or rows.
Come clean

If you are cluttering up your closet with garments you think you might fit into again some day, think again.

Then ask yourself: Who are you now?

Chances are, you have changed. "If you have old clothes going back years that you're hoping to get into again when you lose weight, ask yourself if you really will want to wear them. Do you really want to be that person again? If it's something you're saving for your children, then have it cleaned and properly store it," recommends the Chicago Tribune.

Come along, little doggie

Spotted in the Hammacher Schlemmer catalog: pet strollers.

"For city walks or trips to the vet, this lightweight stroller makes outings with your pet as easy as pushing a baby carriage," reads the description.

The stroller is designed for dogs and cats up to 25 pounds -- especially those with hip and joint ailments (you can also detach the pet enclosure and use the stroller for hauling groceries.)

The price: $129.95. There's a double-decker version, too, for $249.95.

What next?
Coming to TV

Real Simple, the award-winning magazine, will launch a television show on PBS this fall, it was announced this week. Produced by Real Simple Productions and presented by WGBH Lifestyle Productions, the new weekly half-hour series will share strategies to help viewers make their busy lives easier and better.

Real Simple editors will make frequent appearances, offering viewers tips to get through the things they have to do, so they can spend more time doing what they want to do, according to a news release.

Like watch TV, we might add.

Real Simple magazine was launched in March 2000 by Time Inc. (a subsidiary of Time Warner). It was named Advertising Age's "Magazine of the Year" in 2002.
And finally . . .

"There ought to be a room in every house to swear in."
Mark Twain