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The question: "Are 52 libraries too many?" needs careful consideration. Hopefully, there is not an ax poised ready to strike, but a scalpel. There may be libraries that are poorly located because of population changes, some where usage is not great and others that are in disrepair. But libraries that are needed should not be axed.

At four hearings during the budget crisis, it was widely stated that 90 percent of the audience members were there to support libraries. There was a reason for that. These institutions are the people's university, providing essential services for everyone, from cradle to grave. Today, with job losses being critical, they are especially important. Those libraries that serve large numbers of people should remain open.

We have faith in Erie County and the Legislature. In the future, hopefully needed services and jobs will be restored. But closing libraries now without thought is the death of a vital service, one that will be difficult to restore and requires sensitivity to community needs.

Beatrice Elye

Citizens to Save the Libraries