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1. Identify the manufacturer of the Bel Air automobile.

2. Who wrote "Little Lord Fauntleroy"?

3. A surgical knife is called a . . .

4. What company is the parent of Paramount Pictures?

5. Who made a hit recording of the song "Downtown"?

6. On what 1960s and '70s television show did Ruth Buzzi portray an old woman who regularly wacked an old man with an umbrella as he snuggled up to her on a park bench?

7. What is the fourth-largest city in the United States, behind New York, Los Angeles and Chicago?

8. What usually forms when warm, moist air blows over colder land or water, or when cold, damp air covers a warmer surface?

9. Who is Joe Yule?

10. Is the word "myself" a noun or pronoun?

1. Chevrolet.

2. Frances Hodgson Burnett (Mrs. Stephen Townsend).

3. Scalpel.

4. Viacom.

5. Petula Clark.

6. "Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In."

7. Houston, Texas, with a population of more than two million.

8. Fog.

9. Actor Mickey Rooney.

10. Pronoun.