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Chasing J.Lo ...
A recent close call with paparazzi at a traffic light in Beverly Hills gave Jennifer Lopez "goosepimples."

Lopez says she was almost involved in an accident when a car went "screeeech" right in front of her vehicle. "It was the paparazzi trying to beat the light on the same turn with us," she said.

"Sometimes they feel like it's a game; like they're playing cops and robbers," Lopez told reporters, according to AP Radio. "I got goosepimples."

Lopez said she didn't know she was being followed because "I try to block this stuff out a little bit 'cause it's the only way to kind of live."

"Nobody likes to hear somebody in the public eye who they feel makes a lot of money complain, so we don't, but it is a very strange thing," the singer-actress said.

"Nobody writes books about how to deal with it or anything like that," Lopez said. "Maybe I'll do that next. No. I'll make no money, it's not worth it."

New stage for Lithgow ...
John Lithgow will deliver Harvard University's 2005 commencement speech, in a departure from the school's tradition of inviting world leaders and other dignitaries to address graduates.

Lithgow, a 1967 Harvard graduate, is the first professional artist to be Harvard's main commencement speaker since novelist Carlos Fuentes in 1983.

"Harvard's commencement platform is a very different kind of stage for me, but one I am very excited and honored to have the privilege to speak from," the 59-year-old actor said in a statement. He was announced as commencement speaker late last week.

Harvard President Lawrence Summers said Lithgow was selected to speak at the June 9 ceremony because he personifies Harvard's devotion to the creative arts.

Lithgow's screen credits include "The World According to Garp" and "Terms of Endearment." He also starred in the NBC sitcom "Third Rock From the Sun."

Harvard's last two commencement speakers were United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan and former Mexican President Ernesto Zedillo.

Somewhere to run ...
Martha Reeves wants to be on the Detroit City Council, a notoriously raucous institution whose nine seats are all up for grabs in November.

"I'll get them to dance in the streets," said Reeves, now circulating petitions to get on the ballot.

The former lead singer of Martha & the Vandellas, whose hits include "Dancing in the Street," "(Love Is Like a) Heat Wave" and "Nowhere to Run," is 63 and said she'd make improving public education a priority.

As for volatile meetings, Reeves said, "I think that our city council could probably get along better if they had a little music."

Check please ...
Ornery Oscar winner Russell Crowe doesn't seem to mind his reputation as a celebrity sourpuss, reports

The "Gladiator" star was dining with wife Danielle Spencer when a nearby couple noticed him. The woman "was a huge fan" and couldn't wait to get the actor's John Hancock. Her significant other, however, urged her to play it cool, reasoning that "star or not, people should be allowed to have a meal in peace."

Trouble began when the restaurant inadvertently mixed up the bills, giving the star-struck couple Russell's check and credit card. The woman took this as a sign to make contact with the tempestuous celebrity, explain the mishap and ask for his autograph.

Bad idea.

Crowe began yelling at both restaurant staffers and the fan, whom he implied had orchestrated the switched checks.

Chances are the supposed incident won't hurt the actor's reputation. After all, where do you go after Time magazine writes that you're "frequently perceived as one of the world's biggest jerks" and the London Times calls you "the John McEnroe of cinema"?