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I am seldom in agreement with Vice President Cheney. But The News story, "Cheney is opposed to revenge on judges," expressed my sentiments as well. Some are calling for the impeachment of Pinellas County Circuit Judge George Greer in the Terri Schiavo case. As Cheney stated, "there's a reason why judges get lifetime appointments."

Greer now travels with security because of death threats by some of those very same people who call him a murderer. Can anyone not see the irony in this?

According to a recent News story, the criticism that has stung him the most came from his Baptist minister, who asked Greer to resign from church membership. Greer stated, "When I see people in my faith being extremely judgmental, it's very disconcerting. . . . My oath is to follow the law, and if I can't follow the law, I need to step down."

My thoughts and prayers have been with all of the family members, whose actions and beliefs I cannot judge. And like Cheney, I can empathize with the difficult role Greer has played, and of his courage in not bowing to political and religious expediency.

Gloria B. Miller

Orchard Park