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MOVIES: Opening April 22, "A Lot Like Love" (PG-13, romance starring Amanda Peet and Ashton Kutcher) and "The Interpreter" (PG-13, political thriller starring Nicole Kidman and Sean Penn); April 29, "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" (PG) and "XXX: State of the Union" (PG-13, Ice Cube and Samuel L. Jackson star in action adventure).

New on video/DVD: Coming Tuesday: "House of Flying Daggers"; April 26, "Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events"; May 3: "National Treasure"; May 10, "In Good Company" and "Racing Stripes"; May 17, "Son of the Mask"; May 24: "The Aviator."

Concert: Thursday, Flogging Molly ($19 to $21), Sphere Entertainment Complex, 681 Main St.; Friday, all-ages show ($7) by Fireborn, This Gun Smiles, Xtreme Wheels Skatepark, 356 Hertel; Sunday, Gore Gore Girls, the Rabies, the VooDoo Dollies ($8), Xtreme Wheels: April 25, Flickerstick with Bril, Foolstar and Agent Me, Showplace Theatre, 1063 Grant St.; July 26, Vans Warped Tour at Six Flags Darien Lake.

Other: April 15, "Beyond/In Western New York," a show at 13 venues of works by established and emerging artists, opens at the University at Buffalo Art Gallery, the UB Anderson Gallery and the Carnegie Art Center in North Tonawanda (through June 19); April 22, Savion Glover at the UB Center for the Arts ($31-$46)


Bring on the color! Spring has officially arrived and we are so ready for a dose of color -- even if it's in a spot as small as a fingernail. Sally Hansen's Hard as Nails polish has come out with a line of colors called I Want Candy.

The colors, which seem vibrant in their bottles, actually go on fairly sheer. Multiple coats will offer a darker look. The candy-named colors include Butterscotch Pop (yellow with a pink sheen), Blueberry Pop (turquoise blue pearl), Orange Pop, Grape Pop (purple glimmer) and Lime Pop (soft green pearl), plus the usual pinks and a red. The Hard As Nails line is designed to strengthen your nails, so on top of the color you're adding a layer of durability. Get the I Want Candy line at drug and grocery stores, and places like Target for about $2.


The king of caffeine, Jolt Cola, is back.

This is no "New Coke" phenomenon: They've left the original version alone. But they've also brought out four new flavors: Cherry Bomb, Jolt's version of a cherry cola; Blue, with hints of blueberry; Red, similar to a fruit punch; and Ultra, a no-carb, no-calorie drink with ginseng, guarana, taurine and vitamin B complex. Cans on the new Jolt have a resealable cap and a "power meter" on the side that tells you how much Jolt is left in the can. Order a 12-pack (23.5 ounces each) of Jolt beverages from for $19.99.

If you'd like to know how today's top athletes train, Stack magazine is for you. Stack is a new magazine, distributed through school athletic directors, that targets young athletes.

The first issue features a cover photo of basketball phenom Lebron James and an article about his court and weight room training schedule. There's an article about the college recruiting process and how to get noticed by college scouts plus information about improving eating habits, with a look at myths and facts about what to eat the day of and before games or competitions. The magazine could be improved with the use of real high school athletes, not all famous athletes like Michael Jordan and Michael Vick. There is a lot of emphasis on being the next Michael Jordan or Lebron James, not on being the next you. An obvious downfall is its limited advice and training schedules for female athletes. Most of the training is aimed at enhancing the performance of males. Stack magazine is great if you're into hard-core training like the stars, but don't cancel your subscription to Sports Illustrated.

-- JaNay Carswell, Holy Angels
"When I was 15, I went on my very first date. I broke a glass and dropped a plate. Then I was so nervous that I spilled a hot-fudge sundae onto my date's lap. I couldn't believe it. It was one thing after another!"

-- Actress Maggie Grace ("Lost"), on her most embarrassing moment, in Teen People.

-- Knight Ridder Newspapers