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Recent editorial cartoons by Pat Oliphant and Michael Ramirez were reprehensible in their twisting of the facts. In Oliphant's opinion, Democrats are required to give up independent thought before entering Congress. In reality, it is Tom DeLay's Republicans who are threatened with party retribution if they stray from the pack. Democrats in Congress are serving the country well by taking a stand as the opposition party. Half of the country agrees with them, so if that is "obstruction," so be it.

Ramirez portrays the AARP and Democrats as dancing at the altar of Social Security while a bureaucrat sacrifices a child. He has his facts upside down. It is President Bush who will sacrifice our future Social Security insurance at the altar of Wall Street brokers with his private accounts, and who will sacrifice our children's future with his deficit-producing tax cuts.

Please find editorial cartoonists who get the facts straight. If The News is trying for balance, please recognize that truth is not balanced by untruth.

Charles Grammer