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Mayor Richard F. Soluri labeled "unacceptable" the $2.5 million budget for 2005-06 unveiled Monday by the Village Board.

If the budget is approved without change, the current tax rate of $5.35 per $1,000 of assessed valuation would rise to $5.81, a 12.7 percent increase.

During a public hearing on the tentative budget, Soluri said the tax increase is too high and he urged board members to work diligently to pare it down.

Soluri said worker's compensation was up quite a bit, medical insurance costs were up 11 percent and the budgets for the village clerk's office and Department of Public Works were up 3 percent each.

Firefighters from the Lewiston No. 1 Company asked the board to leave their requested budget untouched.

President Larry Stuart said, "We are already working with a bare-bone budget ourselves."

Soluri assured Stuart that the board was aware of the value of the volunteer unit.

"All of us agree we want to keep the tax rate the same. We don't know where we'll cut the money, but we hope to get close. Someone is going to be disappointed," said Soluri.