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Shock. That's what I felt seeing my beloved "Dilbert" in the business section. "It sort of makes sense," I told myself as consolation. Then my heart sank as I realized it had been moved, not for the sake of sensibility, but to make way for "Spiderman."

An aficionado of superhero comic books in my day, I was thrilled many years ago that Spidey had finally made it to the daily paper. But after a couple years of yawning through tedious story lines, I modified my position. When The News said that some of its less popular strips would be relegated to the classified section, I wholeheartedly voted that "Spiderman" be one of them. Let him languish with the likes of "Rex Morgan," "Gil Thorp" and "Hagar the Horrible."

Now he's back. With a vengeance? Hardly. The dialogue moves at about the rate of one word per panel, or at least it seems that way. Nothing much has changed in 20 years. So because of a renewed interest in the superhero genre (thanks to the motion picture industry), we get stuck once more with a boring, lifeless, slower-than-molasses space waster in our foremost funnies. The brilliant nail-on-the-head strip, ever clever, ever true, gets the "business." Where is the justice?

Michael Snyder

Orchard Park