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8:30 PM on Channel 29


The title of this new sitcom refers to the setting, not the star -- no, really. Shelves full of books are called stacks. Pamela Anderson plays party girl Skyler Dayton, who wants a more meaningful life. She takes a job in a family-owned bookstore, where her co-workers are two brothers (Elon Gold, Brian Scolaro) and a cynical young female clerk (Marissa Jaret Winokur). Christopher Lloyd plays a regular customer. (TVPG) HDTV82077
9 PM on Channel 4

The King of Queens

A distracted store clerk neglects to charge Carrie (Leah Remini) for a digital music player, and she just takes the freebie and runs. Later, however, she ducks into a church to get out of a snowstorm, and guilt sets in. Doug (Kevin James) tries to talk a young stranger out of letting his father-in-law move in. Jerry Stiller also stars in the new episode "Ice Cubed." HDTV1435
9 PM on Channel 7


Isabella Rossellini returns as Sydney's (Jennifer Garner) aunt, Katya Derevko, who has some upsetting news about the death of Sydney's mother. Vaughn (Michael Vartan) steals a device that he hopes to use as leverage in getting at the truth about his father. HDTV80597
9 PM on Channel 17

Prisoner of Paradise

This Oscar-nominated 2002 documentary tells the story of actor-director Kurt Gerron, a German Jew who was forced by the Nazis to make a propaganda film about the concentration camp where he resided, which had been prettied up for a Red Cross worker's visit to look more like a resort than a prison. Gerron's relatives and fellow inmates speculate that he complied with the order for reasons other than survival. Ian Holm narrates. (TVPG) 16058
9 PM on Channel 49

Jack & Bobby

In the new episode "Friends With Benefits," Jack (Matt Long) is distressed to discover that Bobby (Logan Lerman) is going out for track. Then Jack realizes that he misread some signals about his relationship with Katie (Kate Mara). Another blow comes when he sees Courtney and Marcus (Jessica Pare, Edwin Hodge) growing closer. Grace's (Christine Lahti) relationship with Tom (Bradley Cooper) costs her a chance to speak at an event honoring her mentor. HDTV8414787

World Poker Tour

The tour returns to the East Coast in the new episode "Foxwoods World Poker Finals." Two rookies challenge a pair of old hands for the title and the $1.5 million pot at the Foxwoods Resort Casino, an American Indian-owned gaming spot in Connecticut. Shana Hiatt, Vince Van Patten and Mike Sexton host the action. (TVPG) 4186936
10 PM on Channel 2

Law & Order

The new episode "Tombstone" begins a story that concludes Friday on "Law & Order: Trial by Jury." Fontana and Green (Dennis Farina, Jesse L. Martin) investigate the murder of a lawyer who was rather generous with her sexual favors. One co-worker (guest star Paul Fitzgerald) becomes their prime suspect because he was in the office at the time. McCoy (Sam Waterston) must take drastic action after the evidence is thrown out and a new crime is committed. (TV14) HDTV3597, 27042