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A writer from Williamsville recently concluded that mismanagement, not Medicaid, is to blame for the county's problems. I must conclude that this person has some sort of relationship to the state or local civil service unions. I suppose, based on the shape of nearly all of New York's 62 counties, that mismanagement must run rampant.

I suggest that the writer and anyone else who shares this myopic view take a good look around, do some research and question the spending motives for a Medicaid system completely out of control before repeating the rants that pour out of the SEIU and affiliate organizations.

Can the writer explain why we have so many workers in this county per capita? Why does it seem that every county government in the nation can get by with 60 percent of the work force that Erie County has and prosper while doing it?

The times are changing. Either get in line with the rest of the taxpayers and straighten this mess out or get out of the way. As a voting block, we must force the changes necessary to bring about real fiscal responsibility. Maybe then the career politicians in this state will take this matter seriously.

Sal Macaluso

Orchard Park