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Judge George Greer perhaps followed the letter of Florida law, but he consistently found the facts for Michael Schiavo, despite strong contrary evidence. He rejected testimony of witnesses close to Terri, who said she would not want her food and water withdrawn. He accepted as gospel Michael's contrary testimony, ignoring his seven-year delay in advancing that claim, and his conflicting testimony in the malpractice trial.

Greer also ignored Michael's conflict of interest as the heir to Terri's once-large trust fund -- which has been consumed mostly by lawyers fees', not by her care -- and also as an estranged husband, with a new fiancee and family.

Greer rejected testimony that Michael had admitted that he had "no idea" what Terri's wishes would be before obtaining a large award for her continued care. Greer likewise rejected competent medical testimony as to Terri's condition and that she could be rehabilitated, and refused to order newly available tests.

The appeals court twice reminded Greer that any doubt should be resolved in favor of Terri's life, but he pushed aside all doubts to rule she should die.

It is no wonder the world is appalled at this shameful example of American "justice."

Laurence D. Behr

President, Western New York

Lawyers for Life