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If the past is an accurate guide to the voters' will, I predict that the next election in Erie County will produce no dramatic changes. The state comptroller is currently auditing the county's books and has told us his report won't be finished until June. By then the subject will have been played out in the media and we will be going into summer with its many distractions.

The Bills training camp will begin and most of the news will be concerned with the new quarterback. Next thing you know, the season will begin and that will absorb the minds and interest of many. Talk will also heat up about the Sabres and their new season or lack of it. Then the stores will be putting out their Christmas merchandise.

The incumbents will be extremely low key until about two weeks before the elections. The voters, with their short memories, will go to the polls and re-elect everyone. Erie County will then institute a property and sales tax increase and more voters will move to greener pastures. I truly hope that I am wrong, but I won't be surprised if I'm not.

Al Huntz