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8 PM on Channel 7

8 Simple Rules

Bridget (Kaley Cuoco) is in detention on Ditch Day, thanks to C.J. (David Spade), whom Gibb put in charge as punishment for telling Bridget about his relationship with Cate (Katey Sagal). Now she can't participate in the traditional prank -- stealing a rival school's mascot -- so she persuades Kerry and Rory (Amy Davidson, Martin Spanjers) to do the deed. Nicole Richie ("The Simple Life") guest stars in the season finale, "Ditch Day." HDTV7202
8 PM on A&E


"Charles Whitman" kicks off a minimarathon devoted to notorious killers. Whitman was the man whose 1966 shooting spree from the University of Texas tower claimed 14 lives, not counting his mother and wife, whom he killed the night before. The program chronicles his life from his childhood under the thumb of a violent father through his years as a Marine and a student to that fateful August day, which ended in his own death at the hands of police. (TVPG) 147912
9 PM on Channel 2

Third Watch

Her investigation of a woman's death leads Cruz (Tia Texada) into the world of Santeria in the new episode "Welcome Home." She meets a practitioner who not only seems to know about her health issues but gives her a vision of her dead sister. Carlos (Anthony Ruivivar) learns more than he wanted to about Levine's (Yvonne Jung) family during a trip to Virginia. Yokas (Molly Price) confronts Bosco (Jason Wiles) about his eyesight. (TV14) HDTV9991, 46931
9 PM on Channel 7

Hope & Faith

Faith (Kelly Ripa) has a message for the object of her affection, the Gooch (guest star Mark Consuelos), and she'll literally climb the highest mountain to get it to him, with a little help from Hope (Faith Ford). Carmen Electra guest stars as Gooch's ex-girlfriend in the new episode "Carmen Get It." (TVPG) HDTV62467
9 PM on Channel 49


Country music icon Dolly Parton guest stars as Dolly Majors, the biggest real-estate agent in town. She's interested in hiring Reba (Reba McEntire), who would kill for this opportunity. She's less than happy, though, when Dolly shows up unannounced to interview her at home. Christopher Rich and JoAnna Garcia also star in the new episode "Reba's Rules of Real Estate." HDTV4045318
9 p.m. CBS


When Cresswell's brother, Wallace Cresswell (Joe Regalbuto), reads about the discovery of an unknown soldier's body whom he is certain he knew, Vukovic and Graves are assigned to help him locate the officer's remaining family, meanwhile, Harm and Mac serve as opposing counsel in a case involving a naval doctor charged with disobeying orders. Gladys Knight and Joe Morton also star in "Unknown Soldier."
9:30 PM on Channel 7

Less Than Perfect

After Claude (Sara Rue) helps reconcile Jeb and Lydia (Patrick Warburton, Andrea Parker), the happy couple decide to get married at Denny's, which happens to have a minister waiting tables. Claude's relationship skills don't translate well to her own life, unfortunately. She encourages Charlie (Josh Braaten) to try out for a band, and he gets in . . . and goes on the road. Sherri Shepherd also stars in the season finale, "Claude the Expert." HDTV60573
10 PM on Channel 2

Law & Order: Trial by Jury

The new episode "Skeleton" concludes the story begun on Wednesday's "Law & Order." Kibre (Bebe Neuwirth) works with Detective Fontana (Dennis Farina) on the investigation of a career criminal (guest star Ritchie Coster) suspected of shooting an ex-cop and a detective. When things turn bad in court, Kibre's case and her career hinge on finding the motive for the crimes. Richard Belzer also guest stars. (TV14) HDTV4680, 56318
10 PM on Channel 4


Lou Diamond Phillips guest stars as an expert on snipers, whom Don (Rob Morrow) summons to help catch a mysterious gunman at large in Los Angeles. His presence causes Charlie (David Krumholtz) some insecurity about his own role as a special FBI consultant, but the visitor teaches him that certain cases call for more psychology than math. HDTV5776, 41486