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Oppressive governments eventually give rise to rebellion. Whatever the form of the rebellion -- tossing bags of tea into a harbor, or dumping bags of garbage in county parks -- the message is the same: The government is in serious trouble and the citizens are losing patience fast.

Worse yet is an oppressive government that is ineffective as well. Those who closed the county parks should have realized that vandalism would occur. A few well-placed sheriff's patrols would have sent the message that such action would not be tolerated. But that would have required forethought and planning on the part of our elected officials, and they have demonstrated a total inability to operate at that level. That's why we are currently mired in this mess.

Instead, our leaders shake their heads at the "senselessness" of it all, not realizing that what they are witnessing is the rising anger of a populace that for too long has been duped by petty, inept, self-serving politicians. What's next? An all-out brawl at the only remaining motor vehicle office?

Our elected public servants are not serving the people. They must be removed from office and replaced by those who recognize their first duty is to serve the common good.

George W. Radka