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After reading Jerry Sullivan's article on the Red Sox in last Sunday's paper, I would like to share my thoughts after a recent trip to Beantown over Easter weekend.

I love the City of Boston and have been to Fenway many times. I take great pleasure in wearing Yankee colors everywhere I go in the city, and I was expecting every Bosox fan I encountered to gloat over winning the Series. But it never happened. All I got were the same old "damn Yankee" looks that I've always encountered before. Deep down, even the most die-hard Sox fans realize that the Yankees will forever be the bride and the Sox the bridesmaid.

The party's over in Beantown, and I'll bet most fans will admit that it will take another miracle for their team to repeat as champions. The Yanks will always be the thorn in their side because they are not one-year wonders, Mr. Sullivan. Do you really think the Yankees are intimidated, shaking in their cleats? Don't you really wonder deep down inside if it will take another 86 years for the dream to come true?

That's the difference between Sox and Yankee fans. Boston fans dream. . . . Yankee fans believe.

Ken Stachowiak