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Dear Eunice Farmer: I'm getting married for the second time early this fall. I would like a pattern for an afternoon affair -- simple, with a soft neckline.

-- Nadine H.

Dear Nadine: The Kwik-Sew 2756 features three-quarter-length sleeves, a flattering cowl neckline and a great skirt with flounces at the hem. The pattern is sized x-small to x-large. I suggest a soft, drapey fabric in one of the new fall jewel tones.

Hooping fabric

Dear Eunice Farmer: I am having so much fun with my embroidery machine. I am wondering if there is any fabric that shouldn't be hooped.

-- Regina P.
Dear Regina: Some fragile fabrics are not suitable; instead, you may use a spray stabilizer, or hoop the stabilizer and spray it, then place your fabric on it.

Hooping is not recommended for linen; it can damage the delicate fibers and cause permanent damage to your fabric. I always suggest you pretest any fabric with the stabilizer you select to be sure it will produce perfect results. There is no single product that will work with every fabric.

Shorter pants

Dear Eunice Farmer: I am planning to make some of the newer pants that end somewhere between the knee and the ankle. Can you tell me what is the exact length these pants should be?

-- Virginia H.
Dear Virginia: The pants you are referring to can vary in length; some are called pedal pushers, others Capri pants, etc.

I suggest you only stitch your pants legs to just below the knee. With the seams open, simply fold the fabric up to the length you think would work, then try them on.

Hint of the week

Mary Bartels of Grandville, Mich., writes: "I found a great way to plan my quilt squares before cutting and stitching them. First, I covered a large, flat board with felt. To get an idea on how to put my quilt squares or other pieced items together, I scanned and printed a copy of my fabrics. It helped relieve my anxiety because I could cut and play with the design before cutting the fabric. "

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