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In the March 31 News there was a story about Orchard Park School Superintendent Paul Grekalski using a school district credit card to charge personal expenses. While he may have repaid all of these expenses, I am appalled and outraged at this flagrant impropriety of a public trust.

For someone in a position of leadership to think that there is nothing wrong with charging personal grocery bills to his public employer indicates a tremendous lack of judgment and a complete disregard for the perceived reaction of the community.

His justification is that it was a "personal and professional convenience." It stretches any degree of logic as to why anyone would think he is owed a "professional" courtesy to charge personal bills to his employer, even though they are eventually repaid.

Equally appalling to me as a taxpayer, parent and citizen is that the School Board president is "not too concerned." Given the recent history of the Orchard Park School Board, this latest event is beyond belief.

Richard L. Gernold

Former School Board Member

Orchard Park