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Frontier Central School District's budget crisis is extremely distressing. We are facing a tax hike that includes massive cuts to instruction, music and enrichment programs.

Our focus should be to maintain academic programs and the current level of instruction. In other words, we must make as little impact to the school day as possible. Increasing class sizes, cutting the music program or eliminating courses and enrichment programs is unacceptable.

Our music program is ranked in the top 100 in the nation. The teachers are educators and mentors to the students. The department just produced a first-rate musical that no other high school has even attempted. How do we reward that success? By systematically taking the program apart. I am baffled by the wisdom behind this.

If we are to cut music and enrichment programs, we must also cut athletics, intramurals and administrative positions. Fair is fair. Teachers are the front line of our district. They are not arbitrary positions.

I truly hope that the board will go back and look for creative ways to eliminate waste and make cuts that will not hurt student achievement. It will be tedious, but well worth the effort.

Lynda Sentz